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Industry Observation: 2023 World New Display Conference

  Smart car windows, smart cabins, mural TVs, naked eye screens... In the era of intelligence, high-definition, intelligent, and diverse display screens can be seen everywhere in people's lives.

New display products are the main window of the information society and also the presentation terminal of the digital economy. In recent years, China's new display industry has achieved leapfrog development, ranking first in the world in terms of industry scale. With innovation driven development, it has continuously polished its strength in the global industrial competition pattern.

At the recently held 2023 World New Display Conference, data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that in 2022, the total output value of China's new display industry exceeded 490 billion yuan, accounting for 36% of the global market and continuing to rank first; Among them, the output value of display devices is 367.1 billion yuan, accounting for 48% of the global market; The shipment area of display components is 160 million square meters, a year-on-year increase of 5 percentage points, helping the production of televisions, monitors, smartphones, laptops and other products rank first in the world.
At the same time, China has made significant progress in areas such as ultra-thin, flexible, transparent displays, and 4K/8K ultra high definition displays, and has successively launched multiple global debut products. The global proportion of display panel patent applications has reached 35%, ranking first in the world.
After years of development, the important position of China's new display industry in the world has gradually been established, and the modernization level of the industrial chain continues to rise, from the localization of color picture tubes, the leap of LCD panel strength to the world's first place, the rapid increase in AMOLED panel production capacity, to the global forward-looking layout of Mini/Micro LED and laser display industries.
Ouyang Zhongcan, an academician of the CAS Member, said at the academician forum of the 2023 World Display Industry Conference that in the future, display products will be more and more widely used in cultural activities, commercial activities, building exterior walls and other commercial display innovation scenes, and the effect will be more shocking. Vehicle mounted displays and metaverse will provide a very large production space for the display industry.
"Display is everywhere, creating a future world." Xu Zuyan, academician of the CAE Member, said that laser display technology is an important measure to promote low-carbon development. Flat panel displays, portable displays, in car displays, medical displays, and other fields will work together with projection displays to create a large market.



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