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Expanding international business to support the development of Huayuan

After the mid month factory audit by our American client, we welcomed another Spanish client from afar on the 24th of this month. The main purpose of this client's visit was to visit the factory and have in-depth discussions with our technical team on cooperation projects. Through on-site inspections of the factory and in-depth technical exchanges with our company, the customer expressed satisfaction with our production capacity and technical cooperation, and is interested in expanding our cooperation.

The client who visited this time learned about our company through the foreign trade platform and confirmed the sample requirements through the platform. However, due to communication issues, the results of both sample shipments were not ideal. Last November, our company participated in an electronic product exhibition in Munich, Germany. Prior to the exhibition, we invited our customers to participate. Through the exhibition, we communicated face-to-face with them to solve the problems encountered in cooperation and deepen their recognition of our products. At the beginning of this year, both parties achieved cooperation on small batch orders, and began cooperation on large batch orders in the second half of the year.

Our company has been conducting international business since the end of 2013, from building a single platform to developing multiple platforms, from domestic exhibitions to international exhibitions. Our business performance has exceeded zero, and our monthly sales have grown to over a million. Our international business map continues to expand, and our international business volume also continues to increase, which is a reliable support for the long-term development of Huayuan.
Our company plans to participate in the exhibition in South Korea in October this year. At that time, our professional foreign trade salesperson will showcase our newly developed products with our technology. Stay tuned



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