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Welcome American customers to visit our company for inspection

With the expansion and growth of our international business, more and more foreign customers are coming to our company for inspection and exchange. On Tuesday, July 11th, American client James visited our Hunan factory for a visit.

As a technology powerhouse, the United States has quite high parameter requirements and particularly strict quality requirements for electronic products. After understanding the basic situation of our company's scale and main products, we went to the dust-free purification workshop with our colleagues and engineers from the foreign trade department for on-site inspection. Through on-site visits and inspections, customers have expressed their recognition of our company's strict quality process control.
After visiting the completed factory, both parties discussed the cooperation project in the conference room. Our engineers provided the customer with a very detailed introduction to the product design process and possible scenarios, and demonstrated the testing results on site. The customer expressed great satisfaction with the product samples they are currently cooperating with. In addition, our engineers and clients have analyzed multiple projects previously consulted and provided feasible cooperation plans. After communication and understanding, the client expressed new cooperation intentions towards our large-sized touch screen.

Before leaving, the client took a group photo with our engineers and colleagues from the foreign trade department. And he expressed great anticipation of coming to our company again in October to discuss cooperation.



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